SEBCS –  Spatial Computing of Surface Energy Balance and Crop Water Stress

SEBCS is a software solution written in Python (v. 2.x) for computing energy fluxes and vegetation and crop water stress indices using/from remotely sensed data, mostly Landsat data. SEBCS uses two different approaches for calculation of enegy fluxes, 1) aerodynamic method based on SEBAL method (see papers of Bastiaanssen – 1998, J.Hydrology; 2000, J. Hydrology) and gradient method based on spatial scaling of surface temperature (see Suleimann and Crago, 2004, Agron. J.). Older version is based on IDRISI platform and it is available here. Current version is standalone (SABCS SA), based on Numpy and GDAL libraries. I still try to prepare “final” version of the program for publication on the web and I also prepare version for QGIS. If you want to use standalone version, please send me an e-mail.

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