QGIS – Raster Best Fit Scatterplot

Raster Best Fit Scatterplot is simple script for QGIS users which need to use simple analysis of relation between two rasters. This script is able to draw scatterplot of two rasters with the same spatial extent, size and number of pixels. Script uses four regression method for analysis:

– linear regression

– logarithmic regression

– exponential regression

– power regression

Method selection is automatic and it is based on the best result of regression analysis (the highest regression coefficient). Rasters used for analysis should have the same spatial pattern (size and number of pixels).


You need QGIS, version 2.x and active Processing toolbox. Download ZIP file of the script and unpack it into the Scripts folder (see Processing/Options/Scripts/Scripts folder). It is also possible installing script from Processing tools panel: Scripts/Tools/Add script from file. The second way is easier however only script without help is installed.

The sript of Raster Best Fit Scatterplot is HERE.